Rollover audio early for live Q&A

I would like to run a Sim-2-Live Presentation that functions this way:

  1. We record a live session at 11am that day with a live Q&A for the last 15 minutes of the webinar.
  2. Folks who want to attend a replay sign up for a sim-2-live with rollover audio at 8pm that day.
  3. After the 11am session, I upload the content from the 11am session into the 8pm session.
  4. About 45 minutes into the 8pm sim-2-live, we stop the pre-recorded presentation and rollover to live audio for another live Q&A.

However, I’m not sure this is possible given this documentation that states “Two minutes before the pre-recorded portion ends, a new message will pop-up with a countdown alerting presenters to get ready.” Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

@sam.1 I am not really sure of this is the way to go, but you can download your media, edit is via a different editing tool (cut out those last 15 minute) and upload the media again?

Or see what options the archive functionality offers?

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Thanks! So if I edit the Archive of the previous webinar, will that be reflected in what I upload to the sim-2-live?

@sam.1 if you edit the archived event, it will affect On Demand viewers for that first event (the original), that I know for sure.

And thinking on the logical of ON24, when you upload media from the previous event, you upload that actual media, so yes, if you edit is via archived and then upload the media into your new event, you will have see that in your new event.

Perhaps you can do a trial with an older webinar and see it as a test case?

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Great idea! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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If this is all being done the same day, the only wrench might be if/when you download the archive. That has taken a couple hours for me in the past, so you might be under tight deadline to request archive, edit in third-party tool and reupload the media into the second presentation.

So with simu-live in general it takes the entire recording from the original session you wish to copy, including that Q&A. What we typically do is just use the entire recording from the morning session, even with the earlier sessions’ questions, and just answer the questions live in the chat for the evening session. The audience cannot tell anyway. We prefer this because, as of now, the simu-live rollover is just voice and not video and to us this makes it very discontinuous for the audience to switch from video to voice like this. If you really want to have a live voice based Q&A the work around is that you make a live recording, as if you were having an audience but you do not, and do NOT include the Q&A. Just the main 45 minutes. Thereafter, you copy that session and roll-over to live audio.